2017-2021 Strategic Plan

With the help of our community and fire department members, we were able to put together a 5-Year Strategic Plan. It is our goal to ensure that this plan remains an effective guiding force in the development of our Fire District. Goal: Training Provide relevant high-quality training that prepares our members to provide excellent service to our community while protecting member health and safety. Goal: District Division and Group Efficiency and Effectiveness Ensure that all programs have clearly stated mission driven objectives and operate in a cost effective manner. Goal: District Processes Ensure that internal processes have clearly stated mission driven objectives and operate in a cost effective manner. Goal: Communication Promote communication pathways that enhance the flow of information through the organization. Goal: Community Relations Enhance the relationship between the Fire District and the community we serve. Goal: Collaboration Improve service and efficiency by seeking out and collaborating with partners who share our interests. Goal: Funding Develop long term stable funding streams that allow the District to keep pace with community growth and service demands. Goal: Diversity Promote an internal diversity that reflects the community we serve. Goal: Planning Protect our ability to meet our mission through planning. Goal: Capital Management Ensure that capital items are developed and maintained to meet the present and future needs of the community. Goal: Resource Deployment Ensure that response resources are deployed in a manner that best serves the community. Goal: Financial, Support, and Technology Services Improve the resilience and efficiency of our internal financial, support, and technology services. To download and read the entire Strategic Plan Document, please click here.

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No Burn Ban – Fire Danger Rating: LOW

Friday 19th of April 2019
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